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5 Reasons to Pay for Spotify Premium



Reasons to Pay for Spotify Premium

The 5 Reasons to Pay for Spotify Premium: When it comes to music streaming, Spotify is one of the most popular applications available for smartphones and desktop platform. It is available on both Google play store and Apple’s app store. The app can be downloaded for free but there is a paid version of this app called ‘Spotify Premium’ which offers some premium feature for its price.

Reasons to Pay for Spotify Premium

Yes, the premium version will offer enhanced user experience but is it worth its price?

If you are looking for the right answer to this question then you are luckily in the right place.

Today, we will be listing 5 reasons why you should buy the paid version of the Spotify application for your smartphone here in this article.

5 Reasons to pay for Spotify Premium

Reasons to Pay for Spotify

It lets you Double the bitrate

The major benefit of having the Spotify premium APK version is that it lets you stream the songs in double bit rate. You will get much better voice quality in some good quality headphones if you double the bitrate.

The highest bit rate that you can achieve on the free version of this app is 160 Kilobits per second but you can take this number to 320 in the premium version.

It lets you play in offline mode

Another benefit of buying the paid version of the Spotify is that you can play songs even in offline mode. This is because you get the option download songs or directly playlists in the premium version of Spotify. With the green button at the right bottom corner, you will be able to download songs or playlists.

This is a very useful feature of the paid version of the Spotify app for times when you do not have the access to the internet or you are going for a holiday.

Exclusive content before release

The premium users of the Spotify also get the access to new songs by record labels like UMG etc before the actual date of release which is one of its popular features.

This means that you will be able to listen to songs from Taylor swift, lady gaga, Kayne West and much more talented and popular artist before it gets officially released by buying the premium version of the Spotify application.

No shuffle-only mode

This is the best reason for which most people spend their bucks on the Spotify premium. The free users are forced to listen to playlists and songs in shuffle mode which is very annoying to most users whereas this is not the case with the premium version of the Spotify app. You will be able to play any playlist or song without any sort of restriction after buying the paid version.

Unlimited Skips

Another great feature that the premium version offers is the ability to skip any song that you don’t like for unlimited times which is not the case with the free version.

Summing Up:-

These were the 5 reasons for buying the paid subscription of the Spotify app. We hope that you found these reasons to be useful. If you have any kind of queries or doubts then you can put them in the comments below.

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