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How To Promote Recycling Within Your Business



It is important for businesses of all sizes and in all industries to recycle as much as possible. It has been made clear in recent times that both people and businesses need to be doing as much as possible to reduce their environmental impact. Recycling instead of sending waste to landfill is one of the best ways to do this, particularly in certain industries. Recycling can also be an easy change to make, but it can be challenging to get employees to change habits, so it might take some effort promoting recycling in the workplace. Here are a few of the most effective ways that you can do this.


It is important to communicate the importance of recycling verbally, but you will find that sometimes this message can quickly be forgotten. However, it is not time-effective to constantly be reminding people. This is why it is a smart idea to have signage around the business that encourages people to recycle and informs them what they can recycle and how.

Demonstrate The Importance Of Recycling

Following this, you need to communicate the importance of recycling as this will be highly effective at getting employees to change habits. Showing the damage that is being done to the environment and how recycling can help improve the local area and beyond should make an impact. Hopefully, it will help to create a green culture in the workplace where people make recycling a priority and find other ways to reduce their impact. It is also important to educate your team on how and what they should recycle because often people get confused about what can and cannot be recycled.

Centralized Waste & Recycling Bins

One of the main reasons that businesses do not recycle as much as they should is that it is too easy simply to throw everything in the rubbish, particularly if staff have bins under their desk. This is why it is better to have centralized waste and recycling bins so that it is much easier for them to recycle their waste.

Use A Recycling Baler

A recycling baler is a smart investment that can simplify the recycling process. Instead of having to break down boxes and other materials, a baler from somewhere like recyclingbalers.comcan quickly and easily compact recyclable material into a block. This can then be easily transported to a recycling station – this also helps you to cut down on waste costs as you can transport more material and reduce the number of trips that you have to make.

Change The Materials That Your Business Uses

Another way to create the right culture within the workplace is to change the materials that you use. Going paperless/reducing paper usage, stop providing coffee cups, using recyclable packing material, and switching to green suppliers are all effective ways to do this.

If you want to promote recycling in the workplace, then these are the most effective ways to do this, and combining them together should make a noticeable improvement. Now is the time that businesses need to take action in relation to environmental impact, so making recycling a priority is a smart way to do this.

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