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Lucky Patcher APK: Latest Version Download



Lucky Patcher APK: Do you love to try out new games and apps on your Androiddevice? If you are an Android geek who is constantly hunting the market for the big & unique apps and games that can keep you entertained then Play Store is the best choice for you. In Play Store, you can find thousands of apps that are both free and paid. As we don’t want to invest our hard earned cash for the virtual objects, we tend to stick to free apps. But the tricky part comes into play when the free apps start demanding money through in-app purchases.

Due to the immense growth of Android market, developers are making more and more apps in such a way the users have to play for months to unlock the resources (coins, achievements, etc) or they would have to invest money for immediate unlocking of the locked resources. We surely don’t want to do that and for such scenarios, only apps like Lucky Patcher come to the rescue. Keep reading below forLucky Patcher APK Download and its details.

Now you may be wondering that what is Lucky Patcher? In simple words, Lucky Patcher is a hacking app which can remove license verifications, Google ads (annoying pop-ups), in-app purchases, etc from different apps and games. Using Lucky Patcher, one can crack Android games to enjoy them to the fullest.

The app mainly works on rooted devices but some features like removing in-app purchases, license verification, etc can be even performed on non rooted devices. If you want to root your Android device then you can easily do it with the help of your computer or one-click root apps like King root. To know more about the process of rooting, you can make a quick Google search.


Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version:

When we use any sort of free app, there can be chances that it would be loaded with annoying pop-ups which will frustrate the hell out of you. We believe that advertisements are important and every free service should be accompanied through ads as that is generally the main source of earning for them. But when developers try to indulge these free apps with annoying ads every now and then, things go out of hand. For such scenarios, Lucky Patcher can help to eliminate those annoying ads from different apps. It can also help to remove license verification, get app backups, and lots more.

Lucky Patcher APK Details:

  • Name: Lucky Patcher
  • Size: 6.76 MB
  • Latest Version: 7.2.9
  • Developer: ChelpuS
  • Price: Free
  • No Of Downloads: 810 Million +
  • Android Requirements: Android 2.3 and above!
  • Last Updated: May 10, 2018

Features Of Lucky Patcher:

Most of the young Android geeks are getting interested in hacking Android games but the sad part is that the manual hacking process is a lot longer and sometimes you need to even have knowledge of programming. But with the use of Lucky Patcher, you can easily crack any game within few minutes. Lucky Patcher can modify permissions of many games including Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Highway Rider, Rail Rush and much more. There is so much that one can perform with the help of Lucky Patcher right from bypassing license verification to removing ads.

The app is just around 6-7 MB and can easily get installed on most of the Android devices running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above. In this section, we will be listing down the features that Lucky Patcher offers to its user base. We have tried to cover every main feature but if we miss out something then excuse us for that. If we sit down to mention every small to big feature, then we worry that this article would turn out to be very lengthy and boring. We want to keep things short and informative so you get knowledge and at the same time get entertained while reading. So without wasting any more time, let’s check out the features of Lucky Patcher.

1) Removal Of Ads!

Just think for a while that you are playing your favorite game and suddenly an annoying ad pops up how would you feel? We are sure that you would feel a lot annoyed as the ad most probably disturbed your gameplay. Lucky Patcher can get rid of those irrelevant and unnecessary ads for you. It is just going to take few clicks and a few minutes for the ads to get removed.

2) Enjoy Paid Apps For Free!

If there is any favorite app of ours that is termed as paid on Google Play Store, we tend to download that app for free through third party sources. But the developers are becoming smart too, so many a times even after installing the app, we won’t be able to launch it due to the lack of license verification. If you want to bypass license verification then you can easily do it with the help of Lucky Patcher as the app has many custom patches. After that, your paid app should start running successfully.

3) Get Access To Unlimited Resources (Coins, Gems, Etc) :

Lucky Patcher can turn your normal game application into a mod application where you will be offered with unlimited resource of games which can include gems, coins, keys and much more. You won’t have to wait for long by manually playing to reach a certain level. Instead, you can directly play from any level using any character, upgradations, resource, etc. Just modify the application and you are good to go!

4) Easily Move Apps Into SD Card!

If you are running low on your internal memory of Android device then it is time to make up some space by transferring apps to your SD card. The problem of memory usually arises when the internal memory doesn’t have much capacity or the owner has stuffed too much data in it. Normally, it is not that easy to transfer applications into your SD card but with the help of Lucky Patcher, you will easily be able to free up some space by getting big applications moved into your SD card.

5) Easily Convert Installed Apps Into System Apps!

If there is an app that has been installed and you have liked it so much that you want to keep it permanently as long as your device is in stable condition then you have to change the installed application into a system app so that it can prevent anybody from installing it. Lucky Patcher can help you to copy an app into the system folder, turning it into a system app.

6) Easily Backup Important Files!

If anytime in future your device suffers from any kind of accident or issue which leads to erasing of data then the backup would come to the rescue. The restoration will bring back all your old saved data and information that you have previously backed up. Lucky Patcher has an option called ‘take backup feature’ using which you can take backup of your app. Later on, you can export that file into your PC or cloud. Once you are in need of the backup, you will easily be able to restore the files from your saved location.

7) Remove Permissions From Apps!

There are times when certain apps require certain permission which is not related anyhow for the functioning of the app. For example, a game may require your contacts permission, which doesn’t make sense. If the app asks for permissions which don’t seem to be genuine then look if any reason has been provided by the developers for the requirement of that specific permission. If not then you may want to remove that permission from the app. This can be achieved with the help of Lucky Patcher.


Installation Guide For Lucky Patcher:

Before we begin the installation of Lucky Patcher, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements to properly run the application. Some of the requirements are very obvious but it is still our duty to mention everything as some of the users may be performing this for the first time. So here you go with the list of minimum requirements :

  • For most of the features of the app to perform correctly, you would need root access.
  • At least have a RAM of minimum 1-2 GB for proper functioning
  • Make sure that you are running on Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or above!
  • If you lack an Android device then you can use the app on your Windows PC too. It will easily run on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Lastly, you would need minimum internal storage of 10 GB on your device.

There are certain permissions that you would have to grant the app so that it would perform its process without any kind of hiccups. Here is the list of permissions :

  • Access To Contents Of SD Card
  • Access To Modify/Delete Of Contents in SD Card.
  • Access To Modify System Settings & Draw Over Other Apps
  • Access To Approximate Location

That being said, it is finally the time to learn to step by step install Lucky Patcher on your Android device. There you go :

1) Make sure that you have downloaded the Lucky Patcher APK file from the downloads section. If by chance you haven’t downloaded it then download it right away as without with apk file you won’t be able to perform the upcoming steps.

2) Check whether the download has successfully taken place. Now we will have to enable installation from unknown sources by heading to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.

3) Open your File Explorer and locate the apk file. Double click on it to open it.

4) An installation dialog box would open for Lucky Patcher APK file. Just follow the on-screen instructions to successfully complete the installation procedure.

5) While the installation is taking place, we request you to be patient and not hurry up the process as that may result in some issues later on.

6) Hurray! The file would have now got installed in your app drawer as Lucky Patcher. Start hacking games for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you are having some issues or queries related to Lucky Patcher then check out the below section as your question can be listed there. If by chance we have not covered your query then you can comment below so that we can personally assist you.

Q1) Why is Lucky Patcher not available on Google Play Store?

Ans: Lucky Patcher is a hacking tool that can hack different kinds of apps and games that are available both on Play Store and on the Internet. Play Store’s policies don’t permit any kind of hacking or cracking app. This is why Lucky Patcher won’t be able to get uploaded on Play Store and you would have to rely on our third-party sources like ours.

Q2) Is there any no root version available for Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Lucky Patcher consists of features that properly execute in root connection. If you use Lucky Patcher on a non-rooted device then you would be able to utilize only limited features of the app. Therefore it is a must that you root your device to enjoy Lucky Patcher to the fullest.

Q3) Is it safe to download Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Lucky Patcher has been downloaded by more than 800 million users and this number keeps growing every month. We have directly taken and uploaded the original and latest version of Lucky Patcher without making any changes or modifications in the code of the app. If you experience any kind of risk then it is not from our end. But still, chances of anything happening like that is next to zero as we have ourselves used this app to crack games for a long time.

Changelog :

  • The Translations Have Been Updated
  • There have been Bug Fixes
  • Ads Sdk Got Updated For Bug Fixes

Final Words:

This was the exclusive guide on Lucky Patcher APK which aimed to provide you information about the app right from the introduction to the installation part. If the article helped you in any manner then share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment below your queries or views related to Lucky Patcher.

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