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List of the 7 Most Popular Best MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Companies



Multi Level Marketing

There are millions of companies across the globe, but there is a different charm about Multi-Level Marketing companies. Now before you get to know which companies top the list, you need to know what ismulti-level marketing.

Multi Level Marketing

The whole company’s motive is marketing and selling their product, but not through the salesmen only. The salesmen or rather, the marketing executives will create their legs, as they will influence other people to join under him, and promote their service, product, and company. And then, even the legs will make new people join under him, and make them do the same.

It is a never-ending trickle down marketing strategy which shapes like a pyramid. You stay at the top as a leader and build your own team, and your team builds their further team, and it goes on. Now, what is the benefit of getting new people in your team? Every sale they will make, you will get a prerecorded percentage from their sales. That means you will earn from multiple legs, and also their respective legs. Here everybody is making money if they can sell.

So let’s check on thelist of best MLM companiesin the world currently.

Here is the List of 7 Most Popular Best MLM Companies:

Best MLM Companies

World Venture

This company bagged the first position in this list with due effort and reason. It proved to be the best MLM company of this year.

The content is amazingly interesting paving way about your dream projects. Making more people interested in this, which enables more growth and expansion.

The world Ventures proved to the world, it’s always not necessarily experienced personnel who can excel in this sector but also the youngsters with whose enthusiasm target can be easily achieved. By lurking youngster with very scanty or no financial benefits, they got their work done with a minimum amount.


The first MLM company to pave the way to this mean of selling products was Amway. Amway has been doing amazing MLM business in India since the ’90s and has proved out to be outstanding in this regard. Most women go in for Amway as for Amway sells a wide range of products enabling the consumers to choose as per their needs. Amway provides higher commission which attracts more and more people to engage with them in this matter.

There had been speculations that some people received commission such a sky-high that they quit their proper job in order to devote themselves totally in this and received higher incentives.

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Avon is a brand which came up with the idea of direct marketing during the late ’80s when this concept was not so popular. Undoubtedly the belief in their product made them thrive up and up in the market, that too without any large scale advertisement. As the MLM theory believes, the marketing which can be done by a large number of population securing their interests as well, also known as personal marketing, can bring the best out of selling. Avon’s beauty product for women is really popular for its own kind. Women admire this brand for the various products and top-notch quality of them.


In the business of water bottles and other high-quality plastic utensils, like tiffin boxes to what not, Tupperware is a name people believe. It is the second largest MLM company in the world. Their plastic containers made them remarkably famous. This company also believes in utilizing the common people like their brand executive, which are also well tested by them before marketing to the people.


Again, this company also deals in beauty product and wins millions of heart every year. This company was founded in 1967, by two brothers and today it is one of the most successful cosmetics brand in the world. Oriflame also believes in direct selling and making the most out of their patrons.


Modicare has been the pioneer of MLM companies in India in 1996. In a very short span of time, it became a boom of direct selling company in no time. Modicare sells. From soaps to cooking oil, Modicare provides all type of Necessities.

Modicare has a large multi-level network, over millions of people joining the archery, making it one of the leading brands in India.

Herbalife Nutrition

This company has not only made huge profits but also inspired a lot of people to live a healthy and active life. This company came in 1980 and nourished the normal people’s lives in multiple ways with their services. There are millions of independent associations associated with Herbalife to serve the world even better.

These were the best MLM companies in the world currently and also the fastest growing MLM companies.

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