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Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review: One of the best products for Coffee Lovers



Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review

If you are a coffee lover, and/or if coffee is your “sweet nectar of life” you would surely know the real importance of coffee like me. Being a coffee lover myself, I really cannot start my day without coffee. And it is kind of hectic for me to go out at Starbucks every time and get my sweet nectar of life. And, that is why the Coffeemaker is my lifesaver.

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review

Coffeemakers are that wonderful piece of tech that helps all the busy scheduled people like me get a cup of coffee pretty much instantly. I also must mention that it makes the overall process pretty convenient too! So if you are a coffee addict like me and do not want to go out for a cup of coffee every single time and make the overall all process a lot convenient, a coffee maker is the answer to all of your questions and problems.

Now the catch is, most of the coffee makes are kind of bulky (which they need to be, for proper reasons of course) and thus they cannot be taken anywhere very easily. And the problem mainly arises when you want to go on a long trip or maybe camping. And that is when you are going to need the portable coffee makers to get your daily dose of coffee without any unwanted interruption.

So, if you have not guessed already, today we are going to talk about the best camping coffee makers and specifically reviewing the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker, therefore it is a must for you to stick with the article till the end if you want to know more about the product.

Now without waiting any further, lets directly dive into the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review.

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review:

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Review

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker Features
Instastart ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions; Fresh-brewed coffee in 18 minutes
4,500 total BTUs of cooking power
10-cup glass carafe holds enough coffee for the whole family
Pause 'n' Serve feature lets you pour a fresh cup while brewing
The removable filter basket is easy to fill and dishwasher-safe
Perfect for camping and other outdoor occasions
Comes with 3-year limited warranty

The Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker is undoubtedly one of the best coffeemakers out there in the whole market today. The Coffee Maker is from the well-known coffee maker brand, Coleman which is an extremely popular brand out there in the United States as well as all over the world.

The product weighs only around 10.9 pounds making it one of the lightest and best camping coffee makers out there in the market. The body of the coffeemaker is made out with the greatest quality steel which further ensures the durability and long life of the product. The Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker also comes with several other must have and as well as some extraordinary features which we are going to discuss now.

1. The Effortless ignition

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker

The Coffee Maker comes with an Instastart ignition for push-button technology which further means that there is no need of a matchbox to light up the coffeemaker. Pairing up with that, the PerfectFlow Technology takes care of your coffeemaker ensuring it to work in the harshest weather conditions to provide you your cup of coffee within just 18 minutes. Not only that but the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker comes with a Pause ‘n’ Serve feature which lets you get a fresh ad hot cup of coffee even while the brewing process.

2. The power and storage

The coffee maker comes with a total cooking power of 4,500 BTUs and lasts long up to 4.5 hours on high on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder. If you are yet not surprised to let me tell you that the carafe further can hold up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. Thus you really do not need to worry much about making coffee again and again because it can make it all at once. And I bet 10 cups of coffee is enough for an average medium-sized family to pass out on.

3. Ease of use and worry less tasks

The coffee maker comes with a removable filter basket. This means that the basket is going to be easy to fill and it also keeps the water unharmed. Moreover, the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker is indeed the best camping coffee maker out there which is further suitable for many other activities like hunting, tailgating, and other outdoor occasions.

Now, many of us are really scared to take it out for this kind of outdoor activities and wonder if they damage the coffeemaker by any means. I the case of Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker, you are going to get 3 years of warranty, which is going to help you relax a bit and use it with more peace of mind.

According to the ~200 reviews out there on Amazon which an average rating of 4.1 stars, the customers who bought it are really loving it. According to one of the verified buyer, the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker helps him to “make coffee for him on the go”. Whereas another buyer at says “Fantastic coffeemaker. It makes a great cup of coffee. We bought this to take camping. It uses the same size propane tank as our portable grill.”

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